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Don't Waste Your Weekends Wrestling with Lawn Care!

Reclaim your free time or concentrate on your business while Frontline Lawn Care & Landscaping tends to all your lawn care needs. We offer weekly mowing services for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring your lawns stay neat and healthy year-round. Equipped with the right tools, we handle tasks for properties of any size, from sprawling commercial sites to cozy backyards. Whether you have a large estate or a modest lawn, our team has the expertise and equipment to handle all your lawn care needs, freeing you up for more enjoyable pursuits.

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Expanding on Our Services

Detailed Services, Exceptional Results.

We go beyond just mowing and trimming to ensure your lawn thrives year-round. Our comprehensive approach to lawn health includes core aeration to improve drainage and allow vital oxygen to reach the roots. We also offer overseeding to thicken patchy areas and create a lush, even carpet of green. To truly unlock your lawn's potential, we even perform soil testing to determine the exact nutrient deficiencies. By providing the right care, we help your lawn flourish and become the envy of the neighborhood.



Our soil testing service measures plant nutrient availability, acidity levels, and organic matter content in your soil. Armed with this data, we provide accurate recommendations to improve your lawn's health and vitality.


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Aerating your lawn is an excellent method to diminish thatch buildup and brown spots, alleviate compacted soil, and enhance the penetration of air, water, and nutrients to the roots of your turf. The outcome? Healthier, stronger roots that delve deeper into the soil.



Overseeding is essential for maintaining a thick and lush lawn or restoring thickness if it has become sparse. One of the primary advantages of overseeding is its ability to enhance your lawn's resistance to diseases.



Slit-seeding combines vertical mowing with seeding, ensuring that the seed comes into direct contact with the soil. This method often results in remarkably high seeding success due to the optimal soil-seed interaction.

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